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MZtRPG4 cool new battle system

2009-11-14 06:29:21 by Game-Max

Hey, so I've been working on one of the battles recently for MZtRPG 4 and it's finally done and looking pretty good. So here it is, the battle system is pretty much the same as MZtRPG3 however I've made some noticable changes which I will list below.

Changes Made:

Ability Orbs: in order to use abilities you'll need to first build up ability orbs. This is done simply by using your regular "D" key attack. Timed hits will build up 2 orbs and not getting the timed hit will build up 1

Abilities - Single, Double, and Triple:
Single - these are still the same as before however will now require 1 ability orb to use

Double - these are abilities performed by 2 characters. They will require 2 ability orbs from each character as well as sp. Double abilities can be accessed by pressing the "right" arrow key while on the single ability menu

Triple - I figured rather than building up the team attack gauge I'd put in triple abilities. These will require 3 ability orbs from each character as well as sp. Triple abilities can be accessed by pressing the "left" arrow key while on the single ability menu

K, so those are the changes I made and I think they make the battle system quite a bit better. Other then that it plays out about the same way. Anywas, here's the link for the battle.

MZtRPG Demo Battle

I'm assuming if your reading this post you've played the other ones so I wont even bother with instructions.

HOWEVER, if you havnt and are not sure how to play just check out Mega Zelby The RPG 3. There's and awesome and detailed battle tutorial right on the main menu of that flash.

K, so thats it. Hopefully this will hold you guys over for a while until episode for is complete. I know it's taking FOREVER but I'm only just starting work on it now so...... yeah......


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2009-11-14 09:42:12

That shit is tight, yo!

Game-Max responds:

thanks, glad you liked it :)


2009-11-27 22:43:19

Me here. Yeah, I agree, it's rather tight. Alot harder too which is a good thing. I look forward to the completed thing man. Take yer time!

Game-Max responds:

Yeah tried to increase the difficulty a little bit since you now have more characters to use. I'm hoping to have this all done and submitted for maybe sometime in january


2009-11-29 14:31:32

THANK GOD!!! I FINNALLY BEAT IT!!! After 3 losses......Fail..... It is Effin awesome though! Great job!

(Updated ) Game-Max responds:

3 losses? hmmm, I may have made it a tad too hard then..... However it's nice to know that people will still keep playing even if they lose. Glad you enjoyed it and thankyou for the feedback :)


2009-11-30 19:37:41

Just played it again, half as enjoyable, but the same respect towards your effort! 10/10 again!


2009-12-07 20:30:19

good, I see the difficulty increased, now its more awesome! :D

The ability orbs system is really neat, I like it, sometimes a little frustrating, but I like it

However I felt that the characters should have a little more SP, either that or I abuse magics x3

Keep it up and happy holidays


Game-Max responds:

Glad you enjoyed the ability orb system. It took me awhile to come up with it and even longer to code it.

I realized that in the previous battles I had made there was absoloubtly ZERO need to use the regular attack so I figured I add something that would force the person playing to have to use it.

I also like the fact that it adds an extra bit of a chalange to the battle system by making you not able to constantly use strong abilities evey turn to instantly finish off the enemy.

I also noticed the SP being a little bit low however I deided to keep it where it is because I found it added more of a chalange if you constantly need to be healing your SP rather then being able to continuously use abilities.

Overall glad you enjoyed it and happy holidays to you too! :)


2009-12-19 20:49:30

MAN that game is skic! how did you did this all by youre self?


2010-01-10 13:38:41

Great Job

Still lookin forward to it man!

I like teh change in difficulty.


2010-01-18 22:43:31

OMG well i like you incredible games
really they are soo amazing i like to get games like yours
i do my best to do a RPG game like yours
see ya


2010-01-30 11:44:59

Awesome, how is the project going?
I cant wait for this, it gonna be great, take your time and make it just as awesome as the battle demo (very balanced btw and very different from the other fights)

Keep up the good work!


2010-07-02 19:02:31

are you alive buddy? its been some time since an update, news, etc.

lets hope you´re alive...


2010-09-06 18:50:42

hi guys my very first flash is being made s/


2010-09-11 16:42:31

How come Bass is in the demo isnt he in original megman


2010-09-16 05:10:23

Do you have a new link to the demo? The one provided isn't working.


2010-09-24 22:18:11

Will it be released this year or 2011


2010-12-13 20:12:51



2011-01-19 20:53:04

Your awesome


2011-03-08 22:51:03



2011-03-24 22:38:22

wanna be friends


2011-05-16 17:50:45

ok i love the rpg you made but i was wondering why did you top making the main series. i mean 4 episiods in a big cliffhanger ( in my opinion ) and then nothing.


2013-04-09 19:02:21

umm... will you answer us please?