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Hey, so I've been working on one of the battles recently for MZtRPG 4 and it's finally done and looking pretty good. So here it is, the battle system is pretty much the same as MZtRPG3 however I've made some noticable changes which I will list below.

Changes Made:

Ability Orbs: in order to use abilities you'll need to first build up ability orbs. This is done simply by using your regular "D" key attack. Timed hits will build up 2 orbs and not getting the timed hit will build up 1

Abilities - Single, Double, and Triple:
Single - these are still the same as before however will now require 1 ability orb to use

Double - these are abilities performed by 2 characters. They will require 2 ability orbs from each character as well as sp. Double abilities can be accessed by pressing the "right" arrow key while on the single ability menu

Triple - I figured rather than building up the team attack gauge I'd put in triple abilities. These will require 3 ability orbs from each character as well as sp. Triple abilities can be accessed by pressing the "left" arrow key while on the single ability menu

K, so those are the changes I made and I think they make the battle system quite a bit better. Other then that it plays out about the same way. Anywas, here's the link for the battle.

MZtRPG Demo Battle

I'm assuming if your reading this post you've played the other ones so I wont even bother with instructions.

HOWEVER, if you havnt and are not sure how to play just check out Mega Zelby The RPG 3. There's and awesome and detailed battle tutorial right on the main menu of that flash.

K, so thats it. Hopefully this will hold you guys over for a while until episode for is complete. I know it's taking FOREVER but I'm only just starting work on it now so...... yeah......

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