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MZtRPG4 cool new battle system

2009-11-14 06:29:21 by Game-Max

Hey, so I've been working on one of the battles recently for MZtRPG 4 and it's finally done and looking pretty good. So here it is, the battle system is pretty much the same as MZtRPG3 however I've made some noticable changes which I will list below.

Changes Made:

Ability Orbs: in order to use abilities you'll need to first build up ability orbs. This is done simply by using your regular "D" key attack. Timed hits will build up 2 orbs and not getting the timed hit will build up 1

Abilities - Single, Double, and Triple:
Single - these are still the same as before however will now require 1 ability orb to use

Double - these are abilities performed by 2 characters. They will require 2 ability orbs from each character as well as sp. Double abilities can be accessed by pressing the "right" arrow key while on the single ability menu

Triple - I figured rather than building up the team attack gauge I'd put in triple abilities. These will require 3 ability orbs from each character as well as sp. Triple abilities can be accessed by pressing the "left" arrow key while on the single ability menu

K, so those are the changes I made and I think they make the battle system quite a bit better. Other then that it plays out about the same way. Anywas, here's the link for the battle.

MZtRPG Demo Battle

I'm assuming if your reading this post you've played the other ones so I wont even bother with instructions.

HOWEVER, if you havnt and are not sure how to play just check out Mega Zelby The RPG 3. There's and awesome and detailed battle tutorial right on the main menu of that flash.

K, so thats it. Hopefully this will hold you guys over for a while until episode for is complete. I know it's taking FOREVER but I'm only just starting work on it now so...... yeah......

Re - Inspired!

2009-11-01 06:27:24 by Game-Max

Lazyness begone!

Been re - working my MZtRPG plots and ideas and I've now been re - motivated to work on flash so I'm going to begin working on MZtRPG 4. Got some awesome new ideas for the battle system like adding some double and tripple abilities rather then having a Team Attack Gauge to fill up.

Hopefully I'll have some battles to beta test within the next month or so. I'm gonna really take my time and try to make the battles as awesome as possible.

Ya'll 'aint seen nothing yet so be ready! :P

Lazyness...... ugh......

2009-09-06 19:37:11 by Game-Max

K, well for anyone wondering I still havn't even started on Part 4 of Mega Zelby the RPG yet. I've been feeling sooooooo lazy lately that everytime I log on to my computer and go to do it I just wind up playing some VG's instead. I realy wanna get this done though so I will be starting on it eventually. Just been feeling........ soooo........ lazy....... *yawn*

It's all done and submited! Go check it out!

MZ the RPG 3 Beta Testing

2009-06-23 19:43:11 by Game-Max

Alright well I've finnished the first two battles and I'm hoping to get some people to test them. I just need people to play the battles and give me some ffed back. The main things I'm looking for are:

-Any Bugs?
-Is it too hard?
-Is it too easy?
-Was this enjoyable for you?

So here's the links for the first two battles.

Battle 1

Battle 2

Hopefully you've played the first one's and already know how to play. If not though here's some brief instructions:

Use the W,A,S,D and arrow keys to make selections. Ex. to attack press D, use the arrow keys to chose your tareget (only one in this case), and then press D again. Other then that it plays out like a regular RPG.

Changes in the battle system from the previous 2!
-Now using W,A,S,D instead of A,S,Z,X simply for comfort and convience of hand possitioning
-Added some timed hits on certain attacks. During the battle when you see a "!" over your characters head press the key again for a stronger attack.

Timed hit Example: Press D to attack, choose your target, Press D again, upon seeing the vibrating "!" press D again for a stronger attack (With specials it would be A instead of D obviously).

-Pressing the key before the "!" will result in a failed timed hit so don't just button mash
-Make sure to block an enemies charged attack! It's VERY obvious when they charge up!

K, so with that all said start beta testing. I will have a beta testers section in my credits

More MZ3 News

2009-06-17 14:28:06 by Game-Max

Alright well I wasn't going to do this because I was so busy with school and work and didn't really have time for it. Not only that but the urge to animate comes and goes. However, I've now finnished school and have a bit more free time to work on flash so I am going to begin work on Mega Zelby 3. I'll hopefully have some battles up for beta testing within a few weeks.

What I've been up to + MZ3 news

2009-05-17 01:15:58 by Game-Max

K so for those of you who were following my recent Mega Zelby the RPG series and are wondering "dude, wtf why are you taking so long to make another episode?" well there's two reasons for that.

1. I've gotten fairly bored of making flash animations using sprites. I feel as though there very limited and they don't allow you to present the flash in the way you want to. For example, the battle system in the MZ episodes was not at all the way I wanted it to be. I wanted a more smrpg style but was severly limited by the sprites I had to use. So, if I were to continue with the series I would much rather have it drawn out, atleast the battles that is. There's really about a 50% chance of this getting finished though cause....

2. I've gotten a bit sidetrackted (that's probably spelt wrong :P) by another project I've begun working on. Im currently in the midst of making a full RPG game which would of course use the smrpg battle system that I've almost mastered coding. Production has been slow but it's deffinatly something I want to complete.

I'll post a demo of what I've done so far when I have something worth posting.